Why Counselling?

When we're in difficulty and distress, someone outside our closest circle of family and friends, can feel easier to open up to, especially regarding very personal issues.

What we mean by Counselling

Counsellors offer space, time and a confidential setting in which you are invited to talk through issues and review your circumstances. It can be an aid to personal and spiritual growth as you have the opportunity to have an honest look at your life in a supported environment.

Underlying values are respect, empathy and confidentiality.

Counselling is not:

  • advice giving
  • telling you what to do
  • judging or fixing things.

How does it Work?

Counselling usually involves meeting up at regular intervals (usually weekly at first) at agreed times. The number of sessions very much depends on what is being discussed.

Counselling supervision for counsellors

If you yourself are a counsellor or involved in another caring role, we have trained Counselling Supervisors who can offer you the opportunity to review your work in a confidential and supportive manner.

We deal with most problems and issues and the following list is an example of some of the issues people seek help with:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks and stress
  • Feeling blocked or spiritually stuck
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Relationships - Social and family
  • Hurt, rejection, betrayal, loss
  • Pregnancy loss including post-termination difficulties
  • Bereavement
  • Abuse - emotional, physical, sexual (current or historical)

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We are available to all, regardless of faith.